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About Us

LenderMatrix is a comprehensive marketplace for loans; including business and investment purpose real estate loans. Our mission at LenderMatrix is to bring a  interactive interface to lending and capital that allows users to easily search and connect directly with capital, credit, and loan providers based on their unique borrowing situation and business goals.

Our user interface is designed to help users navigate the complex world of business financing with just a few easy clicks. Whether you’re a borrower, broker, capital provider, direct lender, investor, or program manager, it’s easy to search and filter through thousands of capital, credit, and loan solutions or add new solutions on LenderMatrix.

Best of all, LenderMatrix is FREE!

How it Works

Capital Providers & Lenders

LenderMatrix is designed to allow capital, credit, and loan providers to list and advertise all of their programs in one platform — connecting borrowers, business, and brokers directly to funding sources by way of a no cost, interactive, marketplace.

Be a part of a disruptive technology that utilizes a combination of powerful database and marketplace functionalities with dozens of data-points for connecting capital providers with borrowers and businesses based on their criteria. With your capital products included in our comprehensive platform, you can be found by countless numbers of new clients. And LenderMatrix is FREE to use, which makes LenderMartrix the best way to connect with clients of all types.

Add Loan/ Capital Programs

Connect With Clients

Increase Sales

Borrowers (or Brokers)

Using LenderMatrix to find capital, credit, and loans is easy! Just visit and start searching. No registration required!

Users can narrow search results by type, industry, state, amount of funding needed, and over a dozen more filters to match them with the funding best suited for their needs. Our database sifts through the thousands of solutions to identify the best options that fit your needs and displays them in an easy to read fashion.

Once you have identified the best capital sources for your situation, you can connect and apply directly with the providers–this makes it easy to compare and apply for dozens of options.


Apply & Compare

Get Funded

Why Advertise with LenderMatrix?

LenderMatrix attracts thousands of bowers, brokers, entrepreneurs, investors, lenders, creditors, and capital providers daily, we then match users of capital with the providers based on their unique criteria. 

To get your loan and capital products on LenderMatrix, register for a free account and start submitting loan products, financing options, or capital solutions (listings) from your account.  Users then can view them and contact you directly. [FREE LEADS]


LenderMatrix is free to use for all users. Whether you’re a direct lender, capital provider, creditor, advisory service, or broker you can join and submit as many loan or capital programs as you wish and connect with endless potential borrowers at no cost. However, LenderMatrix does offer the following (optional) paid services if you choose to upgrade your listings for even more exposure. 


FREE Forever

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction–With LenderMatrix, it works like this: enter loan and capital programs for free and get free leads–that simple.


$49 each per month

Our most comprehensive listing type. Appear in the top of search results, get home page exposure, social media exposure, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LenderMatrix?

LenderMatrix is a comprehensive marketplace that allows users to search for business capital, credit, and loans based on their borrowing or capital needs.

What type of loans can I find on LenderMatrix?

LenderMatrix is a marketplace for business purpose capital, credit, and loans. Users can search for agricultural, commercial, or investment real estate loans or lines of credit, business acquisition, equipment, and startup loans or lines of credit, and private equity options—from incubators to Series Z funding.

Is LenderMatrix a lender, creditor, broker, or capital provider?

No—LenderMatrix is an online marketplace only—we do not arrange loans, credit, or capital, nor do we receive ‘success fees’ or ‘kick-backs’ from capital, credit, or loan providers.

What types of listing are not allowed on LenderMatrix?

LenderMatrix is for business or investment purpose loans and capital ONLY. LenderMatrix does not allow consumer finance products such as: owner occupied mortgages or home loans, personal credit cards, or lines of credit. Beyond consumer finance products, LenderMatrix does not allow listings that are offensive, illicit, or promote illegal activates. For a detailed list of what is not allowed read our Terms and Conditions.

*All lenders and capital providers MUST operate LEGALLY and within the confines of State Statutes in the state which they are operating in.

How do I use LenderMatrix?

For those searching, visit and begin your search—no registration required. That’s it.

For those adding or submitting new products, register for a free account, complete your profile, submit listings to LenderMatrix, and start getting free leads.

How much does it cost to use LenderMatrix?

Nothing—it’s entirely free. However, we do offer paid services to lenders and capital providers. To learn more about these paid services, click here.

Why should I use LenderMatrix?

Umm… because it works…and it’s FREE!