LenderMatrix is a comprehensive funding platform (tech-broker) for business and investment purpose real estate loans. Our mission at LenderMatrix is to bring an interactive interface to lending that allows users to easily apply for business and real estate loans based on their unique borrowing situation and business goals. Our user interface is designed to connect borrowers with out proprietary network lenders and navigate the complex world of financing.

How Our System Works

Using LenderMatrix to get business and real estate loans is easy! Just visit LenderMatrix.com, register for a free account, and upload your Funding Request. We will review your Funding Request, if approved, your request is then distributed to our network of lenders. The lenders then contact us about your request. Once we have identified the best loan for your situation, you apply directly with the providers. Then, once you meet the lenders approval criteria, you get funded!

Upload Funding Request

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Get Funded


1.5% At Closing

LenderMatrix is a tech-broker and our compensation is solely performance based–meaning if you don’t get funded, we don’t get paid.